The Value of Motorcycle Helmets in Automobile Racing

Formula 1 drivers will require an entirely different kind of racing helmet compared to those who race on NASCAR. Those racing on go-karts as well as monster trucks and dragsters will typically require different helmets as well. However, upon closer inspection, the design and styling of these racing helmets are similar to those found on motorcycle helmets.

For example, Formula 1 racers often have racing helmets that are similar to a full face motorcycle helmet while a NASCAR driver will usually have an open face type of helmet. Some go-karters typically wear a helmet that is similar to the dual sport or off-road type of motorcycle helmet. The point of all these is that, if you plan on taking your car for a spin and you would like to have adequate protection, then a motorcycle helmet can do a good job.

Some custom motorcycle helmets are made of the highest grade of quality materials so that it will not crack on impact. It also contains soft yet durable material on the interior to help absorb impact forces and mitigate whiplash injuries in vehicle crashes. The face cover is made of shatter-proof glass so that glass splinters will not injure the face, especially the eyes, should the whole glass breaks. These features provide the rider with the best in head protection to minimize the severity of injuries which can be possibly sustained in a car crash. You do know that, at high speeds, cars can be quite difficult to control especially if it was not properly tuned for the race.

Using motorcycle helmets for car racing purposes is often typical for newbie racers who may want to begin appreciating the thrill of racing both on cars and on motorcycles. It is not uncommon for race car drivers to also race using their motorcycles although a great majority will typically excel in just one field. Nevertheless, using the best racing helmet that can protect you is crucial to racing safety.

But why motorcycle helmet? Motorcycle accidents are governed by different laws of physics. You don’t have seatbelts to restrain you on your seat. You don’t also have a sturdy roll cage to protect you from impact. More often than not, if you were riding a motorcycle and you met an accident, you will be thrown from your bike and through the air. At high speeds, it is very difficult to establish a controlled landing where you will be touching the ground feet first. Technically, you will be flung through the air and thrown to the ground like a ragdoll. It is for this reason that custom motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the head from such incidents.

Now, if a motorcycle helmet can save the life of its rider being thrown off his motorcycle, you can just imagine the degree of protection it provides a car racer. It is also for this reason that open-cockpit race cars like those in Formula 1 require a full face helmet rather than an open face type. It simply makes perfect sense to use motorcycle helmets if you do need to feel like Brian or Dominic in your car.


Cars are very important to people, and as vehicle owners, we are all constantly looking for ways making our cars last.

Vehicles are essential to people, and as car owners, we are all usual searching for methods making our vehicles last.

They are a pricey product for us to own, and we are constantly going to wish to see to it that they remain in the very best condition that they can be, so that we will be able to keep riding in them for a long time.

How do we do that? How can we keep our vehicles running excellent and looking good? Here are a couple of suggestions to make use of when aiming to do that.

Five Tips For Keeping Your Car At Its Best

1. See to it that you change the oil frequently enough. It is very important that you have the oil altered as frequently as it has to be changed, so that your vehicle can always be running well for you. If you do not have it altered often enough then some issues may occur, and you don’t want that occurring.

2. Ensure that you always keep it as clean as possible– both throughout. If you desire your vehicle to last a long period of time for you, then you are going to have to treat it well.

Take it to the car wash every time that you notice it starting to get unclean, and make sure that you clean up inside the car.

Do not generate anything that will stain the flooring, and ensure that you tidy up any crumbs and messes right away. Caring for both the outside and inside of your automobile is necessary if you want it to last a long time.

3. Drive it just possible. If you desire your car to last you an excellent quantity of years, then it may be time for you to begin walking the locations that you go to that are a close distance from your house.

Each time that you get into your car and start it up it gets some wear and tear, and keeping yourself from doing that any more than needed will allow you to keep your automobile in excellent condition for a great, long period of time.

4. See to it that you treat it right. Don’t push the brakes too difficult or gun it at the lights. Drive thoroughly and you will keep your automobile in great condition and keep yourself from crashing it and damaging it totally. Bewaring will definitely settle for you in the end when it concerns your automobile.

Take your automobile with you on searching trips. When you treat your car like family, then you will treat it well.

We took our car on a game hunting tour just recently (read some amazing deer camera reviews here, by the way), and it actually broke it in good.

We also did a little bit of fishing, and the car held up well. If you’ve never been out to the Catskill Mountains, I highly suggest it. We skinned our fish with the finest penknife, and had a terrific dinner.

Anyhow, I got a little off topic for a bit, however you get the point. If you can follow all 5 of the ideas above, then your automobile must be pretty well off.

There really is absolutely nothing more essential than taking good care of your vehicle, and the suggestions above ought to be able to help you to do simply that.

Just bought my Moultrie cameras and planning on another hunting trip this summer…chill out

The Beauty that Sports Cars Possess

There is more to physical features like, sleekness of the vehicle, that identify its appeal.

Here are a few of the qualities that endear sports cars to automobile lovers.

Sports cars have mindset in the beginning glance.

Sports cars speak the mindset that they have. They are not like mere automobiles whose presence can be overlooked. They mesmerize the eyes of those who see them. They suggest that excitement and satisfaction van be expected when their hands are those that control the wheel.

Sports cars stand above other cars, that are seen very day, primarily since the designs suggest exactly what they are capable of doing. A sleek appearance really matches a car with smooth activities.

Sports cars possess greater power.

Their power originates from their more effective engines and has other specifications than other the automobiles have. A cars can do more than ordinary tasks because of the features that only they possess.

Sports cars are produced driving pleasure.

Ordinary vehicles make driving boring and uninteresting, while on the other hand, sports cars mostly intend to offer the drivers a “high” feeling of speed and control. Only sports cars can provide that requirement for motorists who look for experience.

Sports cars bring the adventure back to driving. They express what other automobiles can not. Sports cars are not designed just for practicality, but for pleasure too.

Sports cars are produced motorists who enjoy their ‘wild side’.

Drivers do have the have to express this ‘wild side’. Sports cars make any road a venue to please those needs. Only sports cars can match the “wildness” that drivers innately have. For that reason, sports cars perfectly compliment the youngster in every motorist.

Sports cars have actually progressed and improved through the years.

Drivers value the improvements that have actually been made to sports cars. You might say that sports vehicle technology has infinite possibilities.

Sports cars make their owners feel good about themselves.

Sports cars are lifeless. They can not feel pleased due to the fact that they are beautiful, however their owners take pride in having them.

With all these things stated about the intrinsic and extrinsic appeal that sports cars have, just an individual who does not appreciate their appeal and/or speed will not opt to get one.

Electric, Gasoline and Hybrid Vehicles

The days of dominance of the gas-powered cars in the market are numbered. That is due to the fact that hybrid vehicles being presented and introduced by various automobile makers are developing a wave of interest, interest and patronage in the market.

For fairly some time, people around the globe have actually been counting on their vehicles for high-end, convenience and other standard functions. Cars have actually become a necessity for individuals that in some countries, it would be difficult to live without owning one.

There are a variety of issues and concerns concerning man’s reliance and use of automobiles For one, prices of gasoline, which is the standard in running automobiles, are constantly rising.

Within the previous 15 years, gasoline rates have been the most unpredictable among all the commodities in the world market. That is due to the fact that the Middle East is the principal provider and producer of these standard liquids, and you know how political problems always occur in the region.

Another setback for the usage of cars is the concern on its environmental impact. Running cars utilize the combustion procedure of fuel in the motor and engine, and the process creates huge amounts of pollutants specifically to the air.

There is an emerging green house impact that influences the climate all over the world. Environmentalists and experts mostly point out and blame car engine combustion for the ongoing exhaustion of the safety ozone covering of the planet’s ambience.

That triggered automobile makers to come out with adjustments to the standard and old style and structure of automobiles Thus, there are hybrid vehicles

Gasoline powered automobiles.

Gas-powered automobiles have fuel tanks that supply fuel or fuel to its engine. The engine, in turn converts the energy produced into transmission, which in turn turns the wheels, making mobility possible.

To be beneficial and incredibly functional, experts have set requirements or minimum demands for automobiles. The automobile has to run at least 300 miles prior to re-fueling is needed. Another, the vehicle has to rapidly and easily refuel.

Those two elements will guarantee that each car will be able to stay up to date with other cars and avoid traffic congestion and other hold-ups on the road.

The conventional and conventional fuel powered automobiles meet those demands, with flying colors. There are a variety of automobile designs out in the market today that provide far more and much better features to the requiring consumers.

It must be kept in mind that customers now are more particular to the outside design of cars. To their benefit, the modern slick and stunning cars are likewise powered up, making the latest vehicles not simply lovely however likewise superior and effective.

Electric automobiles.

In an effort to answer the enhancing problems on air pollution from vehicle combustions procedures, numerous automobile manufacturers have come up with vehicles that are powered not by fuel but by electricity.

The electrical energy to be used in running those cars are kept in batteries. Hence, the electric vehicles have sets of batteries, which offer electrical power and energy to the electric motor, which in turn, runs the transmission that turns the wheels.

Therefore, no gas combustion and carbon monoxide emission is produced. One greatest, and many considerable obstacle for the electric car is that it does not meet the specific vehicle power requirements.

Electric cars on the average can only run 50 to 100 miles before electrical charging is required. By that, it falls inferior to the conventional and conventional fuel powered automobiles. Another problem is that these vehicles take longer time to recharge their batteries, to the hassle of the user.

Hybrid automobiles.

The contrasting features of the gas-powered automobiles and the electric vehicles meet half method through the hybrid cars. Hybrid vehicles integrate the power requirement functions of the gas powered and the electric vehicles.

However, numerous discover hybrid vehicles a compromise. For one, these automobiles aim to raise the mileage and lower combustion emissions, and at the exact same time conquer the limitations of the contemporary electric vehicles.

There are a number of hybrid automobile designs out in the market today, though they can be a little pricey. Prior to you finally decide to buy one, make sure to understand the outstanding functions and setbacks and be prepared for surprising discoveries, which might both be disadvantageous or useful.

Hydrogen Vehicles vs. Hybrid Cars

As people flock to buy hybrid cars, they question if simply perhaps a much better automobile is coming out. The principle of that better automobile is the hydrogen vehicle. Listed below, you will discover out a couple of things about hydrogen cars.

Hydrogen vehicles do not produce power by burning anything

Instead of burning a little bit of fuel, like hybrid cars too, hydrogen automobiles burn definitely nothing. What takes place instead is a chemical reaction. Hydrogen and oxygen get converted into energy and their by-product is water. Hybrid vehicles definitely cannot do that. And nobody is attempting to make hybrid vehicles do anything like that.

Hydrogen in hydrogen vehicles provides 3 times the power of gasoline

Not only does hydrogen burn hotter than fuel, but it also burns faster. That implies hydrogen cars can most likely go zooming down the highway at astounding speeds. Hybrid vehicles simply cannot contend with that kind of effectiveness.

Some people think that hydrogen cars are some sort of hyped-up dream

Lots of people believe that hybrid automobiles are much more practical than hydrogen cars. And hybrid cars currently cut down emissions from 30 to 50 %. So why in the world would people wish to invest money and time in hydrogen automobiles?

Hydrogen is a not a fuel source, but a fuel carrier

That suggests that hydrogen needs to be produced from other sources. And people are hoping that hydrogen will be able to be produced from things such as wind power or other types of renewable sources. Right now, it looks like all we have is gas. That is the most effective method to get hydrogen. And if that holds true, then there’s no have to make hydrogen vehicles Hybrid vehicles currently cut down on just how much gas individuals use. Who requires hydrogen cars that may wind up costing us more in gas?

It will be tough produce a great deal of stations to fuel hydrogen automobiles.

Individuals are saying there is an overwhelming amount of difficulties when it comes to creating the wide varieties of hydrogen fueling stations that would be required if millions of individuals suddenly started having hydrogen vehicles. Hybrid automobiles use gas. And we already have gasoline stations.

But president Bush has actually made it clear that he desires hydrogen cars to be on the roads in substantial numbers by the year 2020. It seems that those who oppose hydrogen cars might just have to hold their breath and see if hydrogen cars actually live up to the soaring guarantees individuals associate with them. People will most likely start running back to hybrid automobiles in droves if they don’t live up to their pledges. And that’s excusable. Hybrid automobiles or hydrogen automobiles, among them is going to get us to cleaner air.

You Paid What For Gas?

Gas rates are outrageous. Short of investing in a horse and buggy, here are a few gas saving suggestions to help you get the most from the cash you invest at the pump.

Start with your car owner’s manual.

Inspect your tire pressure. Pump up or deflate your tires so that the pressure of each tire matches the recommended pressure noted in your owner’s manual. Remarkably, improperly inflated tires can detrimentally influence your gas mileage.

Inspect the upkeep schedules in your owner’s handbook and see that your automobile gets the recommended upkeep performed as often as suggested by the manufacturer. Dirty air filters, old stimulate plug wires and filthy motor oil all impact your engine’s performance. Keeping your automobile in top working order enables a more efficient engine, thus reducing the quantity of fuel had to run smoothly.

Clean your fuel system.

Carbon construct up, plugged fuel injectors and ill functioning exhaust systems can drain your gas tank rapidly. If you are not a yard mechanic, take your automobile to an ASE accredited garage and demand a check of your fuel system. Repair work or change any improperly operating parts and arrange a check up in six months before leaving the garage.

Adjust your driving routines.

Quick take offs at the traffic light might make you seem like Mario Andretti, however they are abuse on your gas tank. Coast as much as possible and accelerate gradually when necessary. Use your brakes moderately. Let nature slow you down instead of your brake pads.

Vehicle experts state that taking a trip faster than 60 miles per hour expenses you cash. By driving at 60 mph instead of 65 mph, you conserve almost a tenth of a gallon of gas at present fuel costs.

Clean out your trunk.

Get rid of any unnecessary items from your car because excess weight will decrease your gas mileage. Lighten the load to save cash. Some automobile fanatics even say that a clean vehicle runs much better. They thoroughly scrub bugs, dirt and debris from the undercarriage to lighten the automobile and wax the finish routinely to minimize wind resistance. At the very least, make sure that you’re not consistently carrying more weight in your automobile than you have to.

Shut down your a/c.

An automobile’s air conditioning unit sucks gas like a thirsty camel. Utilize it moderately, or not at all. If the weather is nice, roll down the windows or make use of the fan setting. After your vehicle’s interior has warmed up by sitting in the baking sun, roll the windows down for a couple of minutes to enable the hot air to escape instead of turn the air conditioning on immediately. Your a/c unit will go for a higher setting for a shorter duration of time if you permit most of the heat to get away naturally and change it with fresh, cool air from the outside.

Put these pointers into practice with your car and profit of much better gas mileage. With a little extra work and some sound judgment, you can battle those outrageous gas costs and conserve money at the pump.